April 27, 2005 | Graham

Inside the Queensland Ming Dynasty

This letter from Ryan MHR Michael Johnson, demonstrates the secret of his success – being completely up-front and unconventional, not to mention monomaniacal. I can think of no other MP who could have written this letter.
Essentially it is Johnson distributing his how-to-vote ticket for the coming Ryan Federal Electorate Council AGM. Most federal members will have a list of office bearers that they would prefer, but few would be so divisive, or presumptuous, as to print, let alone distribute it.
Most would also show a little more respect for the other elected representatives in the area. Johnson appears to have a feudal approach to local politics. He is the federal member, and therefore expects to control the federal electorate council and treat the other politicians who are meant to be serviced by that structure – the local state and council representatives – as vassals.
Interestingly, while Johnson is allegedly held in position by an ethnic branch-stack, the ticket shows little sign of that, at least judging by the surnames.
Johnson’s pitch for control of the FEC AGM is structured around making it a de facto preselection. It’s all about him. Central to this stratagem is a “them and us” tactic familiar to readers of 1984.
Johnson’s “proof” that he is at risk is handily provided by the Courier Mail, and can be viewed by clicking here. As I blogged at the time, the story has all the haulmarks of having been planted by Johnson – the Eastasia/Eurasia gambit for those familiar with the novel.
I hope he at least paid for the stamps himself.

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