February 22, 2005 | Jeff Wall

Charles finally makes one right decision, now for the really big one!

IT is surely appropriate that Charles, Prince of Wales, and Mrs Camilla Parker-Bowles, are to be married in what is effectively the local registry office.
His performance as Prince of Wales, and heir to the throne has been pedestrian, and very ordinary, to say the least.
As one who believes in the Constitutional Monarchy, and who greatly admires Her Majesty The Queen, I am constantly amazed, and appalled, at the damage the Prince of Wales does to the Monarchy while continuing to believe that he is destined to be King.
That he has Mrs Parker-Bowles have been living together for some years is irrelevant to me, as is her status (and his) as a divorcee.
But the wonderful example Her Majesty has set for 53 years – one of service, of integrity, and of upholding the institution of the Monarchy, has not been matched by her son and heir. Not recently, not in the recent or even distant past.
He is entitled to a “private life” but when that private life impinges on public duty it becomes quite a different matter.
It is not relevant to many whether or not he and Mrs Parker-Bowles were having an “affair” while he remained married to Diana, Princess of Wales, though the latter’s allegation that “there were three people in the marriage” had, and continues to exercise, a devastating impact on Charles’ standing. And if it is true, then so it should do so if he wishes to be a serious heir and successor to the Crown, and the title of “Defender of the Faith”.
My concern at the behaviour of the Prince of Wales relates to his public duties, not so much his private life……though the latter must have an impact on any genuine assessment of his suitability to assume the Throne of England, and Australia.
The Queen NEVER makes partisan political comment. Nor should she, and nor should her representatives, the Governors General and Governors.
I believe the same standard must be met by her immediate successor.
One of the most politically charged and partisan issues in the UK at present is the banning of fox hunting. The UK Parliament has passed a law banning it from this weekend.
It might be a bad law, but it is surely the duty of the heir to the throne to behave in a way that encourages the people to obey the law, while it remains the law.
His decision to take part in a fox hunt, and to do so in a way that would attract wide publicity, just two or three days before the law came into effect set a poor example.
He has, in the past, hardly disguised his opposition to the ban……………even though by doing so he knew his views would be seen in a partisan political way.
There have been numerous instances over the years when he has intruded into partisan political debate. Successive UK Prime Minister’s have been extraordinarily tolerant, ministers less so.
The Constitutional Monarch’s survival depends on the utter probity and integrity of the Monarch more than anything else. The standing of Her Majesty is the greatest obstacle the republican movement faces.
Regrettably, the lack of standing of her heir and successor is rapidly becoming a beacon for the republican movement to use as a focus.
Some may argue it is not a relevant issue, given Her Majesty’s robust good health, and the longevity of her family.
But it is an issue if Charles continues to believe he can behave in a way that is inconsistent with his status, yet continue to expect he will succeed to the throne as a matter of course.
While the Monarchy is not a “shared” position in any way, the standing of the immediate heir and successor must be relevant to its future.
Charles has done the right thing in regularise his personal relationship.
Given the expectation that he will not succeed to the throne for ten years or more, he could do the institution he professes to uphold a giant favour by renouncing his right of succession at the time of his registry office marriage!
The views of Her Majesty on such matters are not known and can never be known.
But she must surely despair at the fact that more than half a century’s service and devotion is so often eroded and devalued by the actions of her hapless heir?
Many of those who believe in the Constitutional Monarchy, and admire Her Majesty’s example, most surely do!

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  1. I am going to quote a key true comment written by constitutional colonial monarchist Jeff Wall just above here —quote ” The Queen never makes PARTISAN political comments. Nor should she and nor shoud her representatives, the Governor General and Governors “—unquote. Also the present Governor General also most truthfully and humbly admitted recently in public that he is merely the Queen’s official representative in Australia, not the Head of State.
    Yes, the Governor General knows better than anybody what his own real position is in Australia. And he stated it right there in black and white. This shoud more than suffice to shut the colonials monarchists mouths once and for all on this matter, but no sir, most amazingly some of you continue recalcitrant and continue lying about the true role of the Governor General despite the G.G. recent true statements. Now this stubornsss is actual most despicable and most preposterous, to say the least.
    Now Constitutional Colonial Monarquist Jeff Wall at least had the integrity and courage to admit albeit indirectly (althought that did not in any way reduce the true meaning of his statement)—admit in his quoted words above here that the permanently absent British Queen is in fact also the Queen of Australia, and that most truly she in fact is the REAL Head of State in Australia, and, most importantly, that the Governal General is merely her official representative in Australia, performing the same duties that the Queen would, because she lives 19.000 quilometres away as it is and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is not in Australia to perform such duties herself.
    Now all these constitutional colonial monarchists who for years now have insisted in perpetuating a lie and a myth by distorting the real truth by claiming that the Head of State in Australia is the Governor General, not the Queen, let me tell you all, you don’t real fool anybody intelligent and with an honest heart condition.
    You all deep down fully know that having a foreign absent British Queen also Queen of Australia AND HEAD OF STATE permanently living almost at the antipodes of Australia is most incongruous, anacronistic, absurd and totally obsolete. Yes, having a permanently absent HEAD OF STATE WHO is not an Australian citizen, not even a landed legal immigrant in Australia continuously relegates Australia to almost a mere irrelevant side kick, as the British/Australian Queen duties is to represent Britain full time, because she is not only British, not Australian, but also Britain is WHERE SHE WAS BORN AND LIVES PERMANENTLY IN HER SUMPTUOUS PALACE, built with the riches brought back from Her vast overseas Dominions.
    Yes, Britain is her real and main bastion to fully represent as Britan’s Queen and Head of State, not Australia. She is fully British, being born and raised there, having lived there all her life. Imagine a football match between Australia and Britain, and the Queen is present. Who do you really thing she is cheering for ?? Of course she fully knows the protocol, up front she has to seem impartial, but in her heart she is always with England and Britain, not Australia.
    You all fully know that having the position of Australia’s head of State reserved exclusively to a foreign monarch who must be of a certain blood lineage and religion is a rotten shame in a nation who claims to be fully independent and democratic. Yes, Australia is now, in this 21 century, a fully modern independent nation who takes pride in its institutions, except, of course, the position of Head of State. That one is a thorn and totally embarrassing outdated two faced aberration in Australia’s pride. Yes, the colonial times are over, lets fully admit it and act accordingly by removing all traces of colonialism, namely this British colonial monarchists system.
    You constitutional colonial monarchists all deeply know that these BRITISH ROYALS ARE NOTHING BUTY A BUNCH OF PARASITES WHO NEVER HAVE DONE AN HONEST HARD DAYS OF WORK IN THEIR ENTIRE LIVES, never been neither aclaimed nor elected by the people, AND WHO HAVE ACHIEVE THEIR ENALTED GODLY HIGHEST POSITIONS MERELY BY having been born in the right blood family and right religion. You also know that it is a real shame that under this present colonial monarchist system no child in Australia nor any Australian can ever aspire to by the country’s Head of State. It is exactly the same as telling the whole world that amongst the 20 million of us we still don’t have anybody good enough to be our Head of State, thu the need for this foreign British Queen…. YES, THAT POSITON HIS RESERVED FOR THE BRITISH MONARCH AND HER HEIRS…..So, rather than having the guts to admit such embarrassing compromising situation, you decided to hide the real truth and resort to low dirty tactics which are nothing but a desperate attempt to keep the Queen in and machiavelliantly and surreptitiously perpetuate the status quo through the back door, by denegrating and shamelessly diminuishing Her Majesty’s position in Australia.
    Tell me, if the Governor GeneraL is the resident Head of State, the why do we still have the Queen after all !!!???? If the Governor General is the Head of State of Australia, then the Queen automaticall becomes totally redundant, unecessary and reduced to a mere side kick.
    By perpetuating this terrible lie, you constitutional colonial monarchists are actually showing a complete lack of respect to Her Majesty by making Her totally irrelevant and a needless waste. Yes, you are washing out and bellittling the very person who you claim to most venerate and adore, Queen Elizabeth II. But your position and situation is so dire, absurd and ridiculous that you prefer to back stab your Queen in order to cover up the truth and thus keep the Queen through the back door.
    A duck is a duck no matter which angle you look at it. IT IS REALLY ATROCIOUS, FASTIDIOUS AND SAD TO SEE PEOPLE LIKE YOU COLONIAL MONARCHISTS TRYING TO DISTORT AND CONVINCE OTHERWISE OF A TRUTH THAT IS SO OBVIOUS TO SEE. It is really a brutal insult to all those republican intelligent people who fully know what is going on and have a sincere honest heart condition, with a sense of true justice, which makes them move in the right direction to do things right.
    IF YOU CONSITUTIONAL COLONIAL MONARCHISTS REALLY RESPECT THE QUEEN, WORSHIP AND ADORE HER, then please QUIT YOUR DIRTY SUBVERSIVE TWO FACED TRICKS, stop insulting her by no longer refusing to admit that she is in fact the Australian Head of State and the proud Queen of Australia.
    We republicans with a clean heart condition, actually do respect the Queen a lot more than you constitutuinal colonial monarchist do, by always telling the real truth about her position and duties in Australia and not denigrating nor reducing them in any way. No, we do not lie about the Queen’s position in Australia and we do not stab her Majesty in the back like you constitutional monarchists do.
    And Queen Elizabeth II will continue to be Australia’s Head of State until we finally, through referendums and the democractic process do choose a president for and as our Head of State, yes, this time somebody who lives full time in Australia, who dedicates his/her full time representing Australia solely and absolutely no other country at the same time yes, an Australian citizen who is chosen from amongst us, with no racial, religious nor family restrictions, as is the present case now.
    Let’s show the entire world that we are an intelligent people just as good as the British and that yes, we have lots of good smart competent Australians that we can choose to be our Head of State. As a matter of fact, an Australian Head of State would do a much better job that what this present Queen does, no longer having to have a fat paid Governor General as his/her shadow.

    Comment by JOSEPH MATEUS — February 24, 2005 @ 9:07 am

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