February 09, 2005 | Graham

Difference between degree and direction

In this postmodern world one human being’s lie is another’s truth. Knew it wouldn’t take some blow-hard long to claim that John Howard promised in the last election that interest rates would not rise under him. Of course, the claim was that interest rates would be higher under Labor – a claim about the degree of increase, not the possibility of an increase.
I suspect most borrowers will have understood the difference, but that hasn’t stopped Kim Beazley raising the issue in Parliament yesterday. Not a good move really. Shows that Labor hasn’t learnt anything from the last election and that the leadership change means very little in terms of degree or direction when it comes to its fortunes. But what’s the bet some website next election lists this as another of John Howard’s “lies” (sorry Tim).
Whatever they say you can trust some politicians to stay true to form, even if it’s as rotten as Matt Hayden’s currently is.

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  1. Labor needs to pull itself out of the “we was robbed” mentality. John Howard wins, he is a winner and in politics it doesn’t matter how he does it so long as it is legal.

    Comment by Benno — February 10, 2005 @ 10:50 am

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