November 16, 2004 | Graham

Courier Mail plays Sancho Panza

Yesterday I commented on Lawrence Springborg’s Quixotic attempt to amalgamate the Queensland Liberal and National Parties. Today it seems only fair to comment on his accomplice – The Courier Mail. This morning’s front page of the CM runs with the headline “Anderson backs plan for merger” as you can see here:
Courier Mail front page 16_11_04
But when you read the article you find tucked away in the middle comments from the PM opposing the idea and crediting the federal success of the coalition to their separate identities (maybe he read yesterday’s post?). Anderson merely says the idea ought to be discussed. Now, if you were in the business of journalism, rather than campaigning, wouldn’t the headline, and the text, be more along the lines of “Howard opposes Springborg”?
The Courier has been eking this story out since mid-last week, every day quoting some new “senior” Liberal source in support of the idea, making it look like State Leader Bob Quinn is all on his own on this one. In fact there are many more “senior” sources who will tell them what a stupid idea this is, but they don’t appear to be making the telephone calls, or even reading the blog posts or On Line Opinion. Nick Ferrett and I don’t mind being ignored, but John Howard? He’s the capo di capi of “senior” sources!
At least the online editor had the sense to keep the “story” off the website, so you’ll have to go to your local newsagent and buy the paper to see exactly what I mean.

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  1. why would you bother, like most of Murdocks so called papers you cant believe a word they say, anyway who needs a paper hes got Howard and the Libs in his pocket, so wait till parliament starts and they will tell us what Murdock wants,and then proceed to do his bidding

    Comment by john — November 16, 2004 @ 8:14 pm

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