March 13, 2004 | Peter

More Controversial Movies

To continue my theme about the end of old politics and the rise of corporatised mass culture as the new driver of western and increasingly global civilisation, the latest talking point is the new eco-catastrophe movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’. The $100 billion Roland Emmerich (yes, the same boy who made ‘Independence Day’ and ‘Godzilla’) epic is about global warming.
The global warming sceptics, including US President Bush, have pushed the line that the problem is still unproven. Most of the world’s climate scientists and a growing number of scientists in other disciplines claim it is already happening with disastrous effect. Meanwhile, the average person ignores the whole thing and watches TV, sends SMS messages and goes to the movies.
Where this US summer they will see a blockbuster on global warming. There is of course a US election this year, and here in Oz there will also be a national election. John Howard, who takes the Bush line on global warming, will no doubt be hoping the movie tanks.
I can just see the 2012 US Presidential election with Michael Moore up against Mel Gibson, brandishing their oscars at each other. If Mel loses he can always reclaim Oz citizenship and run again here for President of the Republic of Oz against ex-PM Turnbull as current PM Maguire looks benevolently on.

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