January 16, 2004 | Mark

A White Whitney Houston? What not to do on holidays.

M S Lawson
What madness drives us to have holidays? Why was I dragged away from my computer games and made to sit in the sun on a beach and be semi-drowned in the surf?
As for theme park rides, why is it considered fun to wait around for perhaps more than half an hour in one’s bathers and lug inflatable rafts up hills, just for the privilege of being terrified for one minute, then soaked, on an overgrown slippery dip?
There was a lot of holiday fun I could have done without but the low point was definitely the white Whitney Houston I encountered in a wax museum. I was out pricing boat hires with my five year old son when, very close to our hotel, we
found a wax museum.
It was hot, the museum was air conditioned, but when the women on the door wanted $28 for the two of us to go in (a tour of the “horror” section was extra) I should have walked away. The facility could not have been much larger than an average surburban house, and that did not add up to a lot of wax models to view for $28. But I was on holiday, I paid up.
And I was disappointed.
The models varied from okay to ordinary, to questionable. I did not like the model of Elizabeth Taylor – a beautiful women rendered ugly in wax. Then there was the model of Whitney Houston, who was shown as being white.
I checked the name again, looked at the face and scratched my head. I am far from knowledgable about the entertainment or music industry but I was under the distinct impression that Whitney Housten was a black singer and actress. (There was also a model of Michael Jackson which was also white, but that’s defensible.)
I am not one to demand my money back or even complain but the White Whitney Houston was so odd that I mentioned it to the receptionist on the way out.
“Umm – your model of Whitney Houston is white?”
“Oh yes sir, when she appeared at…” (I did not catch where; it was somewhere close by) “because of the lighting and make up in the photographs she appeared white. Do you know about such things sir?”
The explanation was so ridiculous that I just walked away. Serve me right for raising the issue in the first place, after paying $28. Next time I will take my computer games, rent a lap top, and may be watch the kids in the water while sitting under an umbrella, and definitely not go near a wax museum.

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