December 16, 2003 | Peter

Dare to be different, Mark

Interesting that Online Opinion’s own research backs up the current idea that Mark Latham needs to differentiate himself from Howard (and Crean and Beazley, for that matter) by taking a strong position and sticking to it.
So, too bad he echoed Howard in saying he would not object if an ‘Iraqi’ court executed Saddam.
No doubt some people in high places wish Saddam had just got shot, like his two sons, but he didn’t and now his treatment will be a test case for the new world order being generated by the global war on terrorism. One way the West can show that it is not morally bankrupt (as Islamic fundamentalists claim) is to show how the rule of law actually works. Saddam has been made a symbol of evil by the Allies, and so if he is treated fairly and by due process it will send a powerful message. Especially to those in the Middle East wondering which way to jump.
Australia, for its part, thinks the death penalty is no longer acceptable punishment, and so our leaders should say this. This is especially relevant as our military forces helped depose Saddam.

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  1. First thing I want to say is that I am against the death penalty for anyone. Even for lowlife scum like Saddam.
    Now in regards to Mark Latham. Since the disasterous ‘small target’ startegy of the ALP before the last election there has been this argument that the ‘Labor Party is the same as the Liberals’. While this may have been true three years ago the ALP has substantial policies differences with the Coalition.
    The other thing is that is Latham is being told two things:
    1) Be yourself, don’t allow the spin doctors to get you
    2) Be different than Howard.
    Chances are that he does agree with the execution of Saddam, and that on that instance he agrees with the PM. After all he has been very strong on discipline and punishment before. I would argue that a different opinion, which I suspect he does not hold, may make him phony and accusations of ‘not being the true Latham’ (Matt Price already termed him ‘Mark Lithium’ obviously disappointed he has not given him more heat to write about).
    Holding different opinions just because you are an ‘opposition’, especially when you actually don’t disagree would actually negate one of Latham’s assets at the moment.

    Comment by Guido — December 16, 2003 @ 10:25 am

  2. If Latham becomes PM then I am keen to see if he doesn’t distance himself from the general public like Howard PM and his party members obviously do. I have emailed certain federal MPs on important issues, such as the dangers invovled in inspecting North Korean ships in international waters and raised the issue of ‘lax’ visa standard for foreigners entering Australia, without ever being abusive or putting them down in anyway and have never had a single reply back from them. Talk as we know is cheap and the proof of the pudding is in the actions. All the policians on both sides need to realize that any irresponsible or non responsible actions they take, in regards to the above, can have diar consquences for the average citizen in this country. A real chief looks after his tribe and is honest and caring to it.

    Comment by Peter Lane — February 4, 2004 @ 2:15 pm

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