December 06, 2003 | Peter

New Political Uncertainties

Last night’s last Lateline for the year was a funny one. Here was Grahame Morris (ex-Howard staffer) waxing enthusiastic about the new Labor leader and Michael Costello (ex-Beazley staffer) being pretty negative. Is this indicative of the new uncertainties that go with this untried and complex new leader, or was Morris in particular being a little ingenuous in his views?
The point was also made that Latham has to wear criticism about his own past (especially from his ex-wife) because he specifically allies his personal experience with his political position. A criticism that has already emerged is that he has been somewhat ruthless in the past, and he will need to address this impression if he wants to be the new national leader.
There is a socially callous element in Latham’s thinking, including the stuff about the replacing the rungs on the ladder to success. Some people just can’t make it by themselves, no matter how many rungs are in place. Whether due to inherent inability or as a result of past social inequality, there are a lot of stugglers out there. A Labor leader must look after them, it is one the moral responsibilities that differentiates Labor from the coalition (who just want them to shut up).
No doubt the Left, led by Julia Gillard, will be on Latham’s case about this, and he owes them plenty.
At least, as has been suggested, politics is interesting again.

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  1. This was an excellent interview and just goes to show how confusing our 2 party system is…
    Fact is Latham has to walk a political tight rope between the left and the right. He has to steal as many conservative voters from the Feds, while maintaining his image with the left.
    Such a political tight rope is why many of our major party leaders are too afraid to release any policies.
    Good policies are about compromise with the various interested parties…
    I hope the next election can lead to a more democratic representation in our parliment, I hope that Australia can move away from this horribly unrepresentative 2 party system.

    Comment by alphaCoward — December 8, 2003 @ 12:55 pm

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