November 22, 2003 | Graham

First reputable poll puts Hanson in her place

For some reason best known to them the Courier Mail and the Sunday Mail tend to use NFO Australia for their opinion polling, and the results are generally not right. The weekend after Hanson’s release this organization had One Nation polling 12 percent, Labor 30 percent, Nationals 8 percent and Liberals 17 percent. Now we have some credible polling. The Roy Morgan organization (yes I know they called the last Federal election wrong, but they were within a permissible statistical margin of error), polling the two weekends after Hanson was released got the following results: Labor 59.5 percent, Liberals 20.5 percent, Nationals 9.5%, One Nation 6%, Greens 5% and Democrats 2%.
Morgan seems to me to be much closer to the mark and it shows that the National Party has got more serious things to worry about than the strength of the One Nation vote. How can a party that is the choice of less than one in ten Queenslanders pretend that it is in a position to run the state after the next election? And how could the Liberal Party allow them to evenly split the seats they are contesting between them?
Speaking about contesting seats, Adrian Schrinner the Liberal Candidate for the city council ward of East Brisbane where I live has been very active putting out material, but I have yet to hear from the state candidate, even though a state election is likely to occur before a council one. This is because they haven’t preselected anyone. No-one wants the job.
Both the ward of East Brisbane and the state seat of Greenslopes are seats you must hold if you are going to form a government. Obviously the Libs are serious about town hall, but not about the state. Well, if they decide to start expulsion proceedings against me tomorrow at their State Council, as threatened, maybe I should run as an independent!

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  1. In politics anything is possible…Go for it!
    You have heart and mind in the right places…

    Comment by Jozef — November 24, 2003 @ 6:39 am

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