November 11, 2003 | Peter

“Marking Time” Part 2

Well, a satisfactory ending to this excellent ABC program, ‘Marking Time’, and so what was John Doyle saying?
The town of Brackley is of course both a town and Australia in microcosm. As a small country town, Doyle shows how it is sociality or community or social capital that keeps it livable. Even the whackos have a proper place in it. Lesson 1.
And young Hal grows up, makes a decision and accepts personal responsibility, even though it means hardship. He heads off into the big, wide world with head held high and on a mission. This is what Doyle wants Australia to do. To stop being so fucking scaredy, grow up, and act like an adult. And get out from under Dad’s (Howard’s? America’s?) wing. Lesson 2.
Nice work, Mr Doyle, but I still think the whole Olympics thing is part of the problem, not the solution.

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