November 07, 2003 | Peter

Kyoto sucks, but…

I got a couple of interesting responses to my “Anti-Greens” piece. So I want to say that, yes, Kyoto is a joke, it does almost nothing to halt global warming because it would need to be about 10 times stronger to work at all. But Kyoto is not really about fixing global warming, but starting a process of confidence building to start to fix global warming. Setting up fora, dedicating resources, defining the issues, that sort of thing. Hopefully it will move onto the real stuff before too long.
As for global warming and the weather, the problem is that global warming theory predicts a period of strange weather before it settles into hotter weather. So while any particular anomolous weather event could be anything, it is the pattern of strangeness that is relevant.
The environmentally conscious types (such as the Greens) may be wrong about global warming, because the science may be wrong, but at least they are paying attention to a potentially disastrous situation. If they sometimes get a little overwrought, it may be because new ideas always need a little energy to get heard, especially when there are such powerful interests trying to drown them out and hog the world stage.

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  1. I’ve heard the confidence building argument before. At the glacial (sic) rate of building as embodied in the Kyoto protocol we’ll be halfway into the next ice age before we’ll have much success in actually decreasing greenhouse gases using this mechanism.
    One of the major structural problems with Kyoto is it is a command system open to all the political finagling that the powerful can get away with when what you need is a self sustaining rules based system that doesn’t play favourites.

    Comment by Graham Young — November 8, 2003 @ 11:13 am

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