November 07, 2003 | Peter

Crimes Against Humanity Awards

The first CAH award (Field of Technology) goes to the inventor of the leaf blower. This ridiculous device has contributed more noise and pollution to absolutely no positive effect than probably any other invention in modern history, possibly excluding the atomic bomb.
The first CAH award (Field of Media) goes to the person who dreamed up reality TV shows. I mean, live video of people sleeping in the Big Brother house (Wait, did I see a foot move then?)… Can TV possibly get any dumber?
The first CAH (Field of Politics) goes to the federal Liberal and Labor parties for ruining parliamentary question time. What was the key occasion of the Australian parliamentary system – when the government was open to direct question by the parliament – has been turned into a farce due to a multitude of pathetic Dorothy Dixes and and the refusal of ministers to actually answer questions. This is a big step in the rapid decline of our political system, and the last two prime ministers are especially responsible for it.

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